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Vertex Puratek Deluxe 200 RO/DI - 750lpd

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Procuring pure water is the very baseline of success for the modern aquarist. Vertex Aquaristik™ rises to this challenge with the conception of the Puratek Deluxe water filters. Through sound component selection and optimization of contaminant extraction, Puratek Deluxe RO/DI water filters minimize energy use, water consumption and the need for media replacement. Under standard operating parameters, Puratek Deluxe RO/DI systems typically achieve a product/waste water ratio of approximately 1:1.

Utilizing dual membrane design allows the unit to push water production capacity to 200 US-Gallons per day (approximately 750 liters). The on-board microprocessor controller enables every Puratek Deluxe RO/DI unit to function with full automation. At set intervals, the unit will perform routine system Back-Flushes, preserving the longevity of the membrane and increasing efficiency. The unit is further featured with a shut-off solenoid which halts all water transit during instances of back pressure or loss of power to the controller. Each Deluxe Puratek RO/DI system is furnished with a Vertex™ HP-200 Booster Pump, enabling the setup to operate at the lower source water pressures. By closely monitoring the water input, Puratek Deluxe RO/DI systems are amongst the most eco-friendly units, producing pure water with reduced waste.

As added user-convenience features, the unit is furnished with a processor controlled digital output TDS meter to track water purity. An oil-filled pressure gauge makes for easy monitoring of system operating standards. A set of clear, easy-to-view canisters are visible indicators of cartridge life. Finally, standardized fittings and cartridges ease the task of routine maintenance.


  • Produces up to 200 US-Gallons/day. Tested at 60 PSI & 50°F
  • Processor controlled digital output TDS meter
  • Oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Approximate 1:1 Pure/Waste water ratio (source water temperature dependent)
  • Fully-Automated water management
  • Professional grade digital TDS meter
  • Easy to view precision Oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Automatic Back-Flush system prevents TDS creep
  • High-pressure electronic shut-off for reservoir use
  • High efficiency booster pump.
  • Includes canister wrench and installation adapters and fittings

Technical Data

  • 2 x Pentair-100 GPD membrane
  • 5 µ polypropylene Pre-filter sediment cartridge
  • 5 µ carbon block cartridge
  • High capacity DI-Resin cartridge
  • Vertex™ HP-100 booster pump
  • Dimensions: ~ 390 * 205 * 485mm / Approx. 15.5" x 8" x 19" (Width/ Depth/ Height)