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Mitras Lightbar 2 90 Ocean Blue

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The Ultra-Bright High-Power LED Lighting

Mitras Lightbar is one of the highest quality and most effective LED lights on the market. The Mitras Lightbar is Made in Germany and offers:

  • Homogeneous, brilliant and very bright light through a balanced mix of selected high-power LEDs in natural colors (CRI> 95, white LEDs 150 lm/W)
  • Maximal output power with GHL Power Balancing Technology®
  • Super smooth dimming with GHL Perfect Dimming Techology®
  • Uniformly wide light distribution with a LED beam angle of 120°
  • Energy efficiency and long life through a sophisticated thermal management (at least 60,000 operating hours)
  • If controlled by the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller: Professional light dimming, individual mix of the color spectrum and water temperature-dependent downward control (light is dimmed if water gets too warm).
  • Full undimmed Lightpower when operated without ProfiLux (all LEDs light up to 100%)
  • Energy saving compared with traditional lighting aprox. 50%
  • Operation with safe voltage (24V)
Mitras Lightbar Ocean Blue
Spektrum_Ocean Blue
Lightbar Mitras Ocean Blue - Spectrum: All channels at 100%

Recommended for Freshwater and Saltwater

Mid color temperature: 9000 K

7 Color Channels (dimmable via ProfiLux)

LED-Configuration per 10 cm Lightbar:

  • 1x Royal blue 455 nm
  • 1x 8000 K
  • 1x 6500 K
  • 1x 4500 K
  • 4x Cree CLX6D, red 622 nm, green 530 nm and blue 472 nm



Optimal for Every Aquarium

The Mitras light bar is suitable for any marine or freshwater aquarium – if open or closed – and is available in 4 light temperatures in 13 different lengths in 10 cm increments.

Adjust – in conjunction with the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller – the light spectrum (approximately 380-700 nm range) and the light output in wide areas exactly as you like and give your plants, fish and corals the light they need to thrive. The correct light spectrum used is equally as important as the radiation power that can be achieved.

When choosing the Mitras® Lightbar, it is very important to consider how this light will be used; we offer different models to suit different uses. Each model is equipped with special LED combinations perfectly matched for different applications such as Freshwater, upper, medium and deep reef. Of course you can also combine the different models as you like.



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