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CDX CO2 absorber 750ml

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CDX CO2 absorber skal fjerne CO2 fra tilførselluften til proteinskummeren slik at pH'en i akvariet ikke blir for lav. Mediet plasseres i egnet reaktor slik at tilførselsluften passerer igjennom mediet. Mediet skifter fra hvit farge til rosa når det er oppbrukt.


Typisk vil varigheten være 750ml på et akvarium på 200 til 400l være ca. 6 til 8 uker


Two Little Fishies CDX cleans up carbon dioxide before it enters your system helping to keep your aquarium’s pH from dropping due to excess atmospheric CO2 getting into your system. TLF CDX is a carbon dioxide absorbing system media that you just add to your PhosBan reactor and connect to the air intake of your protein skimmer. The CDX media will absorb the CO2 from the air before it gets injected into your aquarium.

The team at TLF had some cheeky fun with the copy in the product flyer (not the first time either) and poking fun at keeping your pH up but despite the corny headline, the product is simple and works. Coming in 750ml and 3 liter containers, the company recommends 750ml for a 50-100 gallon reef aquarium that should last you around 6-8 weeks. Wondering when it’s time to change? The CDX changes from white to pink when exhausted.