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CaribSea Arag-Alive - Fiji pink Sand 9 kg

Art.nr: CS0790
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CaribSea Arag-Alive - Fiji pink 9kg  0,2-1 mm.

Arag-Alive, Aragonite Reef Sand inneholder levende saltvannsbakterier. Den kan enten brukes alene eller suppleret i et annet substrat som en "kick off" for å få i gang bakteriekulturen som er så viktig i et saltvannsakvarium. Dermed kan innkjøringsfasen som er så avgjørende reduseres og kanskje flere av de som gir opp ikke hadde gjort det om de hadde brukt dette produktet. I tillegg til levende bakterier inneholder den også kalsium (318 ppm), strontium (7.39 ppm), magnesium (1050 ppm) og flere viktige sporstoffer som finnes i naturlig sjøvann. Fosfater og silikater er redusert til et minimum..

Her er en forklaring om CaribSea og Aragonite. fra et akvariemagsin i USA:

At CaribSea, they take the aquarium hobby seriously. Since 1972, they have supplied hundreds of thousands of aquarists, public aquariums, and mariculture facilities with millions of pounds of the highest quality marine substrates. Now, CaribSea substrates have become the backbone of today's cutting edge marine systems with a miracle mineral called aragonite. CaribSea, in an exclusive contract with the only aragonite mine in the world, supplies aquarists with 10 grades of aragonite "crushed coral." Now every hobbyist, from beginner to reef keeper, can enjoy this revolution in aquarium keeping. Aragonite is a naturaling occurring mineral, precipitated when cold ocean water saturated with calcium carbonate comes in contact with the warm gulf stream waters of the Grand Bahamas Banks, or when sea creatures like corals, shells, and coralline algaes use aragonite to build their skeletons.

When these materials settled to the ocean floor over thousands of years, they formed an aragonite islandŠ. A real "reef sand", in an unusual and mineable situation, and its environmentally responsible too. revolution in aquarium keeping. So what makes aragonite the perfect marine substrate? When the Ph in your aquarium falls below 8.2 (the Ph of natural seawater), aragonite snaps into action, breaking down into calcium (great for coral growing and for water hardness), carbonate (your buffer), and various beneficial trace elements like Strontium and Magnesium. Your Ph comes back up and the tank stays healthy, all without ever adding a single chemical. Other types of calcium carbonate don't react until the Ph is in the mid 7's. In fact, aragonite holds the highest Ph of any gravel or sand, and has up to 30 times the buffering capacity of Dolomite, Calcite ("crushed corals"), or Oyster shell! revolution in aquarium keeping. Now that we know a little bit about aragonite's chemical performance, let's examine how it helps your biological filtration.

Aragonite is extremely porous, about 20,000 square inches of surface area per cubic inch! Imagine the beneficial bacteria population you can maintain. This is why aragonite is unsurpassed in reducing nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia, allowing a bioload many times greater than other substrates. Plus, unlike ordinary substrates, aragonite never needs replacement, theperformance goes on and on. revolution in aquarium keeping. CaribSea aragonite really is a remarkable piece of equipment; it's a calcium reactor, a buffer that works when you need it, a trace element additive, a nitrite and nitrate reducer, an ammonia reducer, a high capacity bio-filter, and oh yes, a spectacular and natural addition to any marine aquarium. So go ahead and enjoy your hobby and let us handle the details. At CaribSea, they always mix business with pleasure.


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